As a Product Design Leader, I think of myself as a design accelerator. Depending the project, I morph between individual contributor, design leader, and director. Sometimes, this means mentoring designers by working side-by-side. On other days, I hold work sessions with executives to solve problems and envision the future. And often, I'm working solo, cranking out mockups and prototypes to advance the design and unblock development.

I'd love to you help you…

  • Improve the overall quality of your product experience

  • Remove obstacles through coaching and communication

  • Drive the process with world-class organization and execution skills—decisive action, prioritization, and sequencing

  • Stay ahead of the curve—early strategic concepts and research

  • Balance the tension between business strategy, design, and technology

  • Establish systems and processes to increase creativity, innovation, efficiency

When I'm not designing products, you'll find me hiking, birding, or mountain biking with my family in Marin County, CA. I'm also a lifelong bass player and music producer.